A kitchen should be bright, airy, and welcoming, but if your kitchen wasn't designed with light in mind, that could be a problem. Older kitchens were often blocked off; they were used as areas for preparation, rather than dining. If your kitchen is dark and separated from the rest of the house, there's hope. Replacing your kitchen’s windows can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

Add Some Room for Plants With Garden Windows

A garden window is a box-style window that incorporates a ledge. Some garden windows even have multiple ledges. You can use a garden window to take advantage of sunshine, placing plants along the bottom, or even growing a small herb garden. Garden windows are uniquely well-suited to kitchens because they let you grow plants, while also letting a good deal of light in.

If you love your outdoor garden, patio, or yard area, then a garden window will let you see more of it. Because it extends outward, it also opens up your space; consider garden windows in an otherwise small or cramped kitchen. Garden windows impact insulation, however, because there's so much glass to absorb the cold air and the heat.

Most garden windows open at the sides, so you can bring airflow in (and make sure your plants get enough direct sunlight). If you want to keep the air in your kitchen fresh and clean, a garden window installation is also a good choice.

Open Up the Space With Bay & Bow Windows

Do you have a lot of space against a wall in your kitchen? Consider installing a bay or bow window. Bay window installation opens your room significantly, creating more floor space and a wide, open window. Bay and bow windows are structurally very similar (the only real difference is the arc and the amount of glass pieces used). Both are going to change how your home looks both from within and outside.

In your bay or bow window, you can create a small lounging area where people can read, or where additional plants can be placed. If your current kitchen is feeling a little claustrophobic, this is a good investment. Of course, installing a bay or bow window is a little more extensive (and, consequently, expensive) than just installing a regular window.

You can contact a contractor to get a quote from a kitchen bay window, including any roofing or foundation changes that might need to be made to accommodate the slightly larger space. A bay or bow window installation can add attractiveness and value to your home, but it also needs to be incorporated in the style of the rest of the property—and that takes an expert.

Open it Up With a Casement Window

Casement windows are some of the most popular types for kitchens. A casement window opens up completely: the window is on hinges, so it can slide right out. This gives you a great view of your surroundings, while also giving you some breathing room. Casement windows can have two doors or one and can be held open or locked shut. They also have a certain "retro" appeal; they're one of the more traditional kitchen window designs.

If you want to have the utility of being able to easily open and close your kitchen window, a casement window is an excellent choice. But keep in mind that the casement window is going to need room to swing out, too. If you have anything close to your kitchen window, such as a tree, lamp post, or other decor, a casement window might not fit.

What About a Sliding Door?

Does your kitchen open out into a patio? If you have enough space, why not consider a sliding door? If sliding windows open up your space, a sliding door will open up even more. In many ways, sliding doors are just very large windows; they let light in, let you have an unbroken view into the outdoors, and you also gain easy access. During bright, sunny days you can open the doors and let the breeze in. During rainy days, you can still enjoy the outside light while being protected from the moisture.

Sliding doors aren't always easy to install in a home, so they are a little more expensive than a traditional window placement. But if you have a patio outside, it can really increase the utility of your outdoor area. If you already have a door in place there, the process will be easier. You just need to make sure the sliding doors are well insulated and double-paned, so you don't lose too much energy.

There are a lot of options for a kitchen if you're looking to remodel or renovate. Kitchens benefit from being open and airy, so windows are the perfect place to start. For more information about your window options, contact Paskar Construction.