Are you thoroughly frustrated with your old, cracked, sticking, and drafty windows and are researching new replacement windows? While you could simply swap your existing units out with something that looks and functions the same way, perhaps you would prefer to breathe some fresh air and function into your Twin Cities area home. Before you finalize your replacement window order and schedule the window installation with Paskar Construction, consider some options and upgrades that can help you fall back in love with your house.

Eliminating Drafts and Burning Sunlight

While many homeowners may list reducing energy usage as their number one reason for installing replacement windows, their long-lasting impression after the upgrade often refers to their comfort. Your new windows will seal the leaks around your old, rotting windows and add a layer of insulation with double-paned glass. You won't feel the heat on hot, sunny days, and it will end that drafty breeze in the winter. You may enjoy sitting by your windows once again.

Maintenance Made Simple

If your aging home still has the old school double-hung windows, how often do you often get outside to wash them? Do you really get the ladder out of the shed, or are you just ignoring the dirt and grim? Your new replacement windows will tilt in, so keeping them spot-free is fast and easy. Even the screens simply snap in place—no wrestling with them come the spring.

Casements Crank Open with Ease

Perhaps you would like to change out your old-fashioned double-hung windows with something more contemporary. Casement windows offer ease of use in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that often fit right into your old frames. There is no lifting needed to bring in the fresh air. A simple crank at the bottom allows the entire height of the window to crank out, allowing a breeze to enter and ventilate the room in a jiffy. If you are remodeling with ease of access in mind for your aging parents, or yourself, casements are a popular choice.

Bay Windows Add Function and Beauty

How often have you been seated at your breakfast table and thought about the beautiful garden located on the other side of the wall? Many customers think replacement windows are only for exchanging one window for another of the same size and shape. Actually, our complete line of Andersen windows and our experience as a trusted contractor means that expanding a simple double-hung window into a stunning new bay window is entirely possible. Just imagine sipping a cup of tea with a collection of flower pots on the sill while you look out over your blooming yard.

Common Types of Replacement Windows

Explore our entire catalog to find a replacement window that works right for your needs. We can replace one or twenty!

●        Double-hung windows: The most common type with two moving sashes mounted one over the other.

●        Single-hung windows: Just the bottom sash moves. Great for garages and basements.

●        Plate/Picture Windows: No moving parts. A single pane of insulated glass provides an uninterrupted view.

●        Casement Windows: Single pane of glass mounted on a crank-out hinge for easy operation and control of airflow. Commonly found framing picture windows.

●        Sliding Windows: Fixed panes of glass move along a top and bottom track, much like sliding glass doors.

●        Bay and Bow Windows: A collection of windows mounted in a frame that extends outside the frame of the house. They provide a panoramic view, extra space for placing plants, and add elegance to the home.

●        Arches, half-lights: Fixed windows often located over doors, at the top of stairs, and now appearing over picture windows in contemporary settings.

Connecting Your Indoor/Outdoor Space with a French Door

Perhaps you are tackling a large renovation for your kitchen, dining, and patio areas. How can you create that open floor plan that is highlighted on every home improvement show? Consider expanding your simple single back door into a glistening double French door. On those warm summer days when you are entertaining, open both doors wide and invite your guests to wander from the kitchen to the back deck without constantly slamming the door.

While working on the design, ask us about matching the look and feel of your new dining room and kitchen windows with the French or new sliding glass door.

Are you ready to finally banish your foggy and broken windows from your home? Call us at Paskar Construction at 612-290-0332 to schedule your in-home consultation where we can explore our complete catalog of Andersen Windows and help you find the ones that will work best with your design and decor. As certified Andersen installers, every window we install comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. Look forward to warming winters and enjoying the cool breezes of a Minnesota summer when you pull the trigger and order your replacement windows today.