After a severe weather storm impacts your home, figuring out the next step can be difficult. Not only is the damage devastating, but the area around the damage can also be dangerous to your health and wellbeing. There are several steps you can take to maximize your safety and get your home restored as quickly as possible.

●        Wait Until the Outdoors is Safe

When you hear damage strike your home, you may want to rush out and take a look at the issue. Before you run outside, however, you should make sure the storm is completely done to avoid any injuries.

●        Use Caution With Ladders

If you want to get a closer look at any damage on a higher level, such as your roof or gutters, use caution before climbing up a ladder. Sometimes there can be loose pieces capable of causing you to lose your balance while you’re elevated. Consider contacting a professional contracting company, such as Paskar Construction, for a professional inspection.

●        Remove Wet Fabric From Floor

When left untouched, wet carpet and rugs can cause your home’s foundation to wear down and rot after time. Take the time to remove any wet materials and fabric from your home’s foundation to prevent further damage.

●        Document Damage

Prior to cleaning and calling an exterior repair company, you should document all the damage your home has endured. Once you have a thorough collection of images and written explanations of your home’s damage, contact your insurance company to learn more about your coverage options.

●        Call a Reputable Contracting Company

After your home experiences severe damage, faulty contractors referred to as “storm chasers” may approach you. These faux contractors will often give you false promises to repair your home’s damage for unique prices. To avoid losing your money to these people, contact a reputable contracting company, such as Paskar Construction, to repair the damage. The company you hire should have noteworthy reviews and experience.

Experiencing storm damage can be a disheartening experience. However, if you take the necessary steps to remain safe and find a reputable contracting company, you should have your home restored in no time.

At Paskar Construction, we provide top-notch storm restoration services. Our team of qualified contractors can help you get your home back to the way it was. We are also happy to assist you with the insurance process so you can feel confident prior to starting the process. To start off with a free estimate, contact Paskar Construction today.