As a homeowner, there are several steps you can take to properly maintain and protect your home. One of the best steps you can take to protecting the foundation of your home is regularly cleaning your gutters. Cleaning your gutters can keep them from breaking and leaking. Additionally, it will keep your home and siding safe from water damage. At Paskar Construction, we can assist you with gutter replacement and repair in times of damage. Prior to making a call to our team of professionals, however, be sure to take the following steps to efficiently clean your gutters.

Set a Schedule | In order to properly protect your home and gutters from water damage, you should arrange to clean them twice a year — once in the spring and again in the fall. These seasons mark particularly good times to clean your gutters because of the amount of twigs, leaves, and other debris that fill the system from falling leaves and frequent storms. Cleaning your gutters during these seasons also prepares your system for the summer and winter.

Use a Sturdy Ladder | Because this chore requires going near your roof, you should ensure you practice the best safety measures while cleaning. You should use a ladder with a supportive base to keep yourself secure while you remove the leaves and twigs. Make sure you keep acute attention to your movements to avoid falling off your ladder.

Use Gardening Gloves | Gutters can get pretty dirty from debris and leaves, so put on a pair of gardening gloves before you climb up on the ladder. Having gloves on can help you reach in and get every last bit of debris out of the system. Make sure you climb down the ladder and shift it over each time you’re ready to move further down the gutter. This will save you from leaning over too much and losing your balance.

Conduct a Hose Test | After you successfully clear all the leaves and debris from the gutter system, take a hose and run water through the gutters. This will clear any remaining areas of debris. If water isn’t rushing out of the spout, that could indicate there’s a clog somewhere along the system. Take a moment to check the gutters for any missed spots and continue to run water through the system until there is a strong flow coming out of the spout.

Properly and routinely cleaning your gutters can help prevent damage. If you notice your gutters require repair or replacement, contact Paskar Construction today. Our team of trained contractors look forward to assisting you in protecting your home with a high-functioning gutter system.